“Hey Jeff, why a book?”

I’m pretty certain the Internet will blow up soon, and with that, millions upon million of nonsense-filled webpages and countless gigs of nut-punching videos will be lost forever. Sad, but it’s inevitable.

That’s why I gathered up some of my favorite musings from this website and put them in book form.

They shall be preserved for the future generation of belligerent, ferocious apes who will one day enslave all humans and rule the earth… and learn to read. In that exact order. So, that’s why this book is staring you in the face. It’s for the apes.

Bonus reason: If you ever wanted to take UsedWigs to the bathroom with you (many have inquired how), well, kids, here’s your chance. Added Bonus: Michele Melcher created the lovely cover design.

Price: $12

Buy Here: www.lulu.com

(Still time to get before Christmas, order today!)