UsedWigs Radio 100: Team Todd

April 22, 2014


This is officially UsedWigs Radio Show #100 and officially our last show (tidal wave of tears). It was a super fun ride, thank you all for having us.

I want to thank everyone who participated, helped out and attended this Team Todd event. It was a really wonderful night, one that Todd would have loved.

Big hugs to the performers: Russ Starke, Heather Hall, Kimberly Hall, Dave Hill, Chip Chantry, Nikki WalterBrian Seymour, Rich Kaufmann, Scott Michael Shrake, Anna Goldfarb, Jon Solomon, Kevin Ginsberg, Brad Sukala, Lisa Starke and Bevan McShea for bringing all the laughs, stories and tunes. The tiny flabby muscles in my stomach are still hurting from laughing.

And big high-fives to Kell Andrews, Heather Andrews, Thomas Jadico Jr, C.j. Stahl, Brian Jacobs, Eric Smith, Colin Helb, Dan Eastman, Adam Picarelli, Kerri Foxhill, Geekadelphia and Cutesy but not Cutesy for the support. And big sweaty hugs to everyone else who was there and made it super fun. It meant a lot to Russ and Heather and me to have you all there! 

Alright, enough yapping, here’s the audio, videos coming soon!

Play Now:

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Benefit Show for Todd Marrone’s Family Featuring Dave Hill, Chip Chantry, Anna Goldfarb and More!

April 7, 2014

We lost our brother Todd Marrone, the heart and soul of UsedWigs Radio, and huge part of our lives. We love Todd and his family more than we can express and we want to celebrate his life, his art and his spirit of sharing. So please mark your calendars and join us on Sunday, April 13, 2014 at the beloved home of UsedWigs Radio, L’etage in Philly.

The show will feature lots of our super talented friends. Dave Hill and Chip Chantry will bring the laughs; Anna Goldfarb,  ShrakeNikki Walter and Kevin Ginsberg will tell some tales; Brian Seymour will play some of Todd’s favorite songs; and  Bevan McShea will perform and create live art in honor of his pal Todd. Plus live readings of Todd’s uniquely wonderful and witty thoughts by friends and family.

This will also be a benefit (donation at the door) and we hope to have some lovely pieces of art donated by friends of Todd and our show for a small silent auction.


We look forward to seeing you!

Russ and Jeff
UsedWigs Radio


 – Door open, grab a drink, mingle, share stories!
6:30pm – Show starts promptly and the fun begins!

624 South 6th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147


Goodbye, Todd

January 2, 2014

todd marrone

We lost our brother Todd Marrone last week, the heart and soul of our show and huge part of our personal lives. We love Todd and his family more than we can express. Thank you to everyone for the comforting words. Russ and I had the honor of speaking at Todd’s memorial service.

We love you, buddy

Support: Give to The Marrone Family

More: Hundreds come out to bid farewell to Welsh Valley teacher Todd Marrone

UsedWigs Radio 99: Comedians Gregg Gethard and Jim Grammond

May 29, 2013


Guests: Comedians Gregg Gethard (Bedtime Stories, The Best Show on WFMU) and Jim Grammond (Reasonable Discourse with Jerks)

Topics: Failures! Trumpet Failure, Flugelhorn Failure, Work Failure, Greeting Card Failure, Comedy Failure, Matching Hats Failure, Mütter Museum, Marching Bands, Pica, Charlie Chaplin, Back on My Feet, Ben Franklin plus Stories of Triumph!

Playlist: “Oh Canyon” by Fenster, “Sail to The Sun off of Afraid of Heights” by Wavves, and “Bellio” by Dutch Uncles.

Play Now:

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UsedWigs Radio Returns May 21 at L’etage with Gregg Gethard and Jim Grammond

May 1, 2013

May 21 - 8pm - L'etage - Philly

Great news for fans of watching guys talking into microphones while they digest crepes… UsedWigs Radio returns to L’etage this spring for some more super fun nonsense. The lawyers for Russ, Todd and Jeff  have been meeting for months and have finally come to terms with all their demands. Russ now gets to wear a crown, Todd does not have to wear a shirt and Jeff can’t talk at all until the final ten minutes of the show. Everybody wins!

Special Guests!

Comedians Gregg Gethard (Bedtime Stories) and Jim Grammond (Reasonable Discourse with Jerks) will join the fellas armed with tales of Success and Failure and Bombing and Rebounding!

gregg gethard

jim grammond

So please join us. You have three months to get a baby/cat sitter.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 – 8:00pm
624 South 6th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Admission: FREE!

Also, join us on our Facebook Page! It’s filled with baby and food photos just like you asked for!!

Get Pumped!

UsedWigs Radio Interview with Ted Travelstead

March 17, 2013


Jeff chats with writer/comedian Ted Travelstead (@trumpetcake) about his hilarious new book, The Petraeus Files: All the Photos, Chats, Poems, and Other Super-Secret Emails They Don’t Want You to See, and other hard-hitting, teen-friendly topics including owls, Brooklyn gangs, Children of the Corn II, Korn, Asbury Park, Steve Martin, stand up comedy, storytelling, punk music and haircuts, Christian Broadcasting Network, Ted Lange, short story writing, Staples, beard length and nudity outfits.

Playlist: “UsedWigs” by Eli Braden, “Orris Root Powder” (Intro/Outro) by MF DOOM, “What’s In The Middle” by The Bird And The Bee, “Refund” by Obits, “Hold On Loosely” by 38 Special, “Get Up And Go” by Jason Lytle.


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Say Good Night, UsedWigs Radio Podcast!

September 15, 2012

Hello Everybody!

The President of the Internet contacted me today to say Used Wigs Radio is no longer allowed to broadcast. I know, weird right? Anyway, he felt seven years of us producing high quality downloadable entertainment was enough and it was time for us to leave and put our mics, voice modulators and elaborate recording equipment on craigslist. We agreed.

So, to comply with the Internet, we are ending our show.

It’s been a lot of fun and a long super silly ride. When Russ, Todd and I started the show in 2005 there were only two other podcasts in the world, Beef Talk (meat podcast) and The Buffy Zone (podcast devoted to Buffy The Vampire movie, not the TV show). We felt like pioneers! Back then, only one of us was married and we now have 3 wives and 6 kids between us (four are named Olivia). We had a ball together, made a ton of great friends, chatted with many wonderful guests and spun a lot of killer tunes! Thanks to the good people at L’etage, World Cafe Live, Milk Boy and Russ Starke Studios (all three locations) for putting us up over the years. Kisses to Lisa, Heather and Kelly too for letting us have fun and joining in the nonsense. We are lucky guys!

The monthly podcast is over but we hope (and plan) to be back in the Spring for a couple big live shows (band, comics, cage fights, kissing booths, etc.).

It’s serious talk time now (ask the kids to leave the room): A million thanks and hugs to everyone who has listened over the years, came out to our live shows, gave advice, busted balls, bought t-shirts, and took the time to say hi or just leave a nice comment. I love you all for that and I love my little podcasting brothers Russ and Todd. They always made this cranky 63-year-old man feel young with their energy and smarts and passion and accents and hairy exteriors. Again, love them!

Please feel free to check out past episodes. I’ll be posting some good ones from the vault, like now!

Here’s a fun one with two of our favorite people Dave Hill and Nikki Walter!

Play Now:

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Thanks for downloading us, friends!

Hugs, Jeff

UsedWigs Radio “Best Christmas” from jeff lyons on Vimeo.

Russ Loves Spreadsheets from jeff lyons on Vimeo.


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