We lost our brother Todd Marrone, the heart and soul of UsedWigs Radio, and huge part of our lives. We love Todd and his family more than we can express and we want to celebrate his life, his art and his spirit of sharing. So please mark your calendars and join us on Sunday, April 13, 2014 at the beloved home of UsedWigs Radio, L’etage in Philly.

The show will feature lots of our super talented friends. Dave Hill and Chip Chantry will bring the laughs; Anna Goldfarb,  ShrakeNikki Walter and Kevin Ginsberg will tell some tales; Brian Seymour will play some of Todd’s favorite songs; and  Bevan McShea will perform and create live art in honor of his pal Todd. Plus live readings of Todd’s uniquely wonderful and witty thoughts by friends and family.

This will also be a benefit (donation at the door) and we hope to have some lovely pieces of art donated by friends of Todd and our show for a small silent auction.