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Goodbye, Todd

todd marrone

We lost our brother Todd Marrone last week, the heart and soul of our show and huge part of our personal lives. We love Todd and his family more than we can express. Thank you to everyone for the comforting words. Russ and I had the honor of speaking at Todd’s memorial service.

We love you, buddy

Support: Give to The Marrone Family

More: Hundreds come out to bid farewell to Welsh Valley teacher Todd Marrone


UsedWigs Radio Welcomes Geekadelphia’s Eric Smith and Artist NoseGo on February 21st at L’etage!

Mid-Winter blahs, huh? Yeah, us too. That’s why we’re putting on this super exciting show with two talented lads who enjoy tech, art and entertaining the masses. Come on out and have a fun, a crepe and some drinks. The show is FREE and we’ll have GIVEAWAYS! We just ask you to bring your clapping hands and your laughing mouths. As usual, this show will be recorded for our popular podcast that will be available for download and live forever online or at least until the Cylons take over and build a better internet.

The Guests!

Eric Smith runs Philly’s “Guide to Everything Geek” website Geekadelphia, teaches and lectures about writing and social media at colleges and universities, does the marketing thing at the mighty Quirk Books, writes novels like Textual Healing and most importantly, owns a custom made Master Chief costume he wears out on the streets to fight crime and get bagels.

NoseGo is a Philadelphia-based artist with a passion for illustration and media arts. He mixes fine art with a contemporary style to deliver highly energetic work. His designs feature an assemblage of patterns, vibrant colors and characters derived from his imagination and his surrounding environment.

Let’s Do This!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 – 8:00pm
624 South 6th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Admission: FREE!

UsedWigs Radio Welcomes Jon Solomon on October 18! Join Us!

Do you like good music? Do you like listening to people who really know good music chat about good music and other fun music-based topics? Are you tired of me saying the word “music”? If so, you are so in luck! Join us at Philly’s most fancy crepe-slinging venue L’etage as we welcome esteemed radio deejay and label owner Jon Solomon (WPRB, Comedy Minus One). Jon has been instrumental in promoting great indie music for years and it’s time we say thanks and also see what part he played in the subprime mortgage crisis that nearly crippled our fragile economy.

Join us for our live podcast recording session!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 – 8:00pm SHARP!
624 South 6th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Admission: FREE!

Past Shows!

UsedWigs Radio Welcomes Doogie Horner and Maggie Serota on July 19!

Maggie Serota photo by Mindy Tucker

Good news! Philly’s most fancy crepe-slinging venue L’etage asked us back after our very successful first show. Better news! Beloved Philly comedian and flowchart maven Doogie Horner and Philly-bred/Brooklyn-livin’ writer and myth maker Maggie Serota will be joining us for our next podcast recording session on Tuesday, July 19th! You should join us too because:

  1. Our guests are very fun and funny.
  2. L’etage has a curtained-off section devoted to making out.
  3. Todd will do the show from a baby pool.
  4. It’s 100% Free!

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 – 8:30pm
624 South 6th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Show Prep:

Dave Hill and Nikki Walter Join UsedWigs Radio Live at L’etage on June 21st!

BREAKING GUEST NEWS!! Super special guests Dave Hill and Nikki Walter will be there, entertaining your pants off (wear clean undies)!

8:30pm – June 21st – L’etage – No Cover!

That’s right kids, we’re back in action at Philly’s most fancy crepe-slinging venue L’etage! Starting on the Summer Solstice (June 21st!), we’ll fire up the microphones and the t-shirt cannon at this handsomely-appointed eatery to record our beloved podcast. We’ll do it once a month. Each show will have super special guests, some who tell jokes, some who sing songs and others that dance with the devil (I have no idea what that means). So please join us and enjoy us, delicious food, both cheap and expensive beer, and maybe the most comfortable seating (since Fred’s Beanbag Chair Lounge) that your ass has ever had the pleasure to plop itself in!

Oh, by the way, this is a very romantic spot, perfect for making out! So bring your lover or brush your teeth in case you meet a lover during the show. Maybe Ed Lover? Or an Easy Lover, Philip Bailey is the co-owner of this joint (lie!).

Mini Podcast! Here’s us eating crepes at L’etage last week, scoping out the new joint, chatting about dumb candy and funny ladies and of course, discussing our new show!

Play Now:

iTunes: Download, Listen and Subscribe

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UsedWigs Radio Update: Back in Action Very Soon!

Where has America’s twelfth favorite pop culture podcast gone? Rumors are spreading like wildfire in the AOL and CompuServe chat rooms:

  • Did Todd’s full body electrolysis go horribly wrong leaving him a 100% hairless and afraid to leave his bedroom?
  • Did Russ accept the touring bass player position for Asia (featuring no original members)?
  • Did Jeff finally launch his long-awaited “Glue Gunnin’ for Guys” column on Scotland’s premiere scrapbooking website?

While we cannot confirm any of these true rumors we can confirm the boys will be on hiatus for a bit and will return to action May 15, 2011!

Upon triumphant return, the show will be broadcast live from one of your favorite Philly drinking establishments twice a month. You can come join in the fun or continue to download the podcasts. More details to come!

Until then enjoy some of our old gems and interviews, we’ll be posting them weekly until our new show debuts. Here are couple of winners sure to please you:

New to UsedWigs Radio? Here’s a little video to give you an idea of what we’re about:

Russ Loves Spreadsheets on Vimeo.

And here’s the music we play.

See you soon, thanks for the support. Follow us here for latest updates: @usedwigs.

Hugs, Jeff

Interview with SM Shrake of First Person Arts StorySlam

Todd and Jeff chatted with the Pint-Sized Story-Telling Powerhouse, SM Shrake right before he hosted the “Holiday Cheer” themed StorySlam event at L’Etage on December 28, 2010.

Winner of “Best in Philly,” First Person Arts StorySlams are monthly, real-life-storytelling competitions held at World Cafe Live and L’Etage in Philadelphia. Each month’s theme elicits stories that come from the life experiences of Philly’s storytellers. StorySlams take place on the second Monday of each month at World Cafe Live and the fourth Tuesday of each month at L’Etage.

More: and

UsedWigs Live Halloween Show: Friday 10/22 at 8:30pm! Join Us, Chat at Us!

Great Ghost Debate! Some people believe in ghosts and some people believe ghost-believing people are unbelievable. What do you believe? Believe it or not, we will have both camps represented (ghost hunters and skeptics) on this spooky specter-based show! We want you to join us in debating the existence of these phantoms, apparitions and poltergeists, or as Todd like to call them, “drafts.”

Put on a costume, knock a few back and chat with us!

Friday, October 22, 2010 at 8:30pm EST!

Join The Live Video Chat!

Guests: Michele, Brian, Phil and more!

Videocast Details! Have you ever listened to one of our podcasts and wished you could chime in live and tell us we are completely wrong about something? No? Stop fibbing, you dirty fibber, you have so. Now you can do something about it. Thanks to a 9-year-old video camera, eight FireWire and USB cables and a lovely little website called uStream, you can now watch the podcast recording live and chat with us. In fact, we encourage it. It’s a magical evening for everyone involved.

New Viewer? Go to uStream now and create an account, so you’re ready to chat.

Podcast Website:

Art: “Monster Mash” by Todd Marrone

Join Us! UsedWigs Live Videocast: Tuesday, August 17, 8pm!

Have you ever listened to one of our podcasts and wished you could chime in live and tell us we are completely wrong about something? No? Stop fibbing, you have so and now you can do something about it.

Thanks to a 9-year-old video camera, eight FireWire and USB cables and a lovely little website called uStream, you can now watch the podcast recording live and chat with us. I fact, we encourage it. It’s a magical evening for everyone involved.

So join us on Tuesday, August 17 and help us keep this entertainment locomotive on the rails as we speed towards Funtime Station.

8:00pm on uStream! Join us for the Live Video Chat!

UsedWigs Radio is Back Tonight at 8:00pm!

The boys are back in action on Wednesday 5/19 at 8:00pm EST after a brief baby-birthing break.

One of the three hosts is very well-rested and totally pumped to get back on the mic and dole out the nonsense while the other two can barely stand upright due a steady assault of late-night feedings, explosive diaper accidents and intensive daddy-daughter cardio-funk classes.

Please join us and get ready to chat, interact and help keep the ship afloat via the magic of live streaming video.

Add us to your busy schedules and click here at 8:00pm tomorrow: UsedWigs Radio uStream

Suggest a Topic, Win a T-shirt!


We talk a lot on our podcast about stuff we know well (good music, spreadsheets) and stuff we don’t (so we make it up). Since we can’t take live phone calls (yet), we would love to hear your ideas for some scintillating show topics. And yes, we’re also a bit lazy, so please do some show prep for us.

Best idea will win a t-shirt and some sweet-ass swag. Hit us up in the Comments Section below.

On Vacation! Back Next Week, Until Then…


Todd is chatting with Colin Hay tonight!

Need a fix? Enjoy some of these popular past ‘casts  featuring some super-duper human beings:

UsedWigs Live Update!


Hi folks! For all of you attending our extravaganza tonight, June 12th, at Milkboy, here are a few things you should know:

Music Change! Sadly, our musical guest Audible had to cancel on us due to an emergency situation for two band members. We hope everything works out for them and hope to have them back in the future.

Luckily, our good pals The Grundles canceled their plans for a group spa/pedicure weekend, and will be joining the fun tomorrow night. They are insanely entertaining and high energy, so bring your dancing shoes.

Come Early! Get there early if possible, between 7-7:30pm to settle in, grab seats and enjoy a lovely video we’ve prepared for you.

BYOB! This is a great coffee place with yummy eats, but you can also drink! So bring your favorite alcohol and it will make us all the more entertaining.

See ya there!

Miles, We’ll Miss You Little Fella

True Love

UsedWigs New Book: “Quality Workday Distractions”

“Hey Jeff, why a book?”

I’m pretty certain the Internet will blow up soon, and with that, millions upon million of nonsense-filled webpages and countless gigs of nut-punching videos will be lost forever. Sad, but it’s inevitable.

That’s why I gathered up some of my favorite musings from this website and put them in book form.

They shall be preserved for the future generation of belligerent, ferocious apes who will one day enslave all humans and rule the earth… and learn to read. In that exact order. So, that’s why this book is staring you in the face. It’s for the apes.

Bonus reason: If you ever wanted to take UsedWigs to the bathroom with you (many have inquired how), well, kids, here’s your chance. Added Bonus: Michele Melcher created the lovely cover design.

Price: $12

Buy Here:

(Still time to get before Christmas, order today!)

Russ Goes Mac! New Podcast Soon!

Dear loyal UsedWigs Radio listeners,

This posting is to apologize sincerely for the delay of Podcast 51, which you are no doubt highly anticipating since you know that CBS3’s Nicole Brewer and the fabulous El Vez are our guests! You know that it’s “in the can” and you’re probably wondering WHERE THE HELL IT IS. I have to take ownership of this one. It is my fault. Because my friends, I am a sinner. I have been sinning for over ten years now. And here is my confession.

For years, I tried valiantly to use a PC for advanced multimedia…fresh new computers would arrive on my doorstep and I would immediately have them in pieces on the floor, courageously breaking warranty stickers, jamming their bellies full of soundcards and other doodads… violating their PCI slots! Good lord! I’m shivering now just thinking about it.

Oh, the combinations of foreign software and hardware that I tried to make communicate! It was like brokering peace deals in the Middle East. The truces I managed to establish were tenuous at best, and often dissolved for no good reason in a flurry of error messages, missing drivers, and endless reboot cycles.

Many tried to intervene. Some, like Jeff, tried to talk sense to me and would walk away in disbelief and disappointment when I just couldn’t/wouldn’t see the light. Others, like Todd, used peer pressure and ridicule. How could I call myself a serious multimedia producer if I was using a PC?

Couldn’t those thankless hours (years) of my life spent with tech support asking me the same questions over and over, walking me through their scripts, sounding like they were talking to me from inside the wreck of the Titanic…couldn’t they have been spent doing something more productive?

Like any addict, I defended something that was doing me harm and had no intrinsic value in my life. Like a rebellious teenage girl, I wanted to hang out with PCs just because my family and friends knew I could do better. Perhaps that was my problem. I needed to “rescue”… I needed to “fix”…

As I write this, the tears are streaming down my face. I see now how self destructive it was! Dear friends… I … I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT!!!!

I am ready for something that just WORKS, dammit. I’m tired, PC. I’m burnt. You’re just no good for me.

The new Used Wigs Radio tricked out Mac will be arriving shortly. We will then commence kicking more aural buttocks. Thank you for your patience.


Brother Russ

UsedWigs Video Interview Featured on CBS3 in Philly!

It must have been a slow news week in Philly… but we’re not complaining. The lovely, talented and extremely patient Nicole Brewer of spent some time with with Team UsedWigs and she produced a great video highlighting our little nonsense-filled website and our podcast.

Please read Nicole’s blog “What’s Brewing” on a daily basis for the latest and greatest in Philly-based fun. She Rules!

Watch the video here (be warned, the camera adds ten pounds… to my nose.)

This was no softball interview! Brewer hits the boys hard in this startling exposé! Nicole also took part in our podcast which we be available next week!

Please check back.

Todd is a Dad! Be Back Next Week!

Todd’s lovely wife gave birth to a baby, so he’s a bit busy learning what this is. We’ll be back next week with more nonsense, great tunes and an exclusive interview with the newest Marrone.

In the meantime!, enjoy the “Best of” Show (see below) featuring Tom Morello, Amiina and Schoolly D.

Podcast Update!

Hey kids, our back catalog of podcasts are being revamped and will be back online in a bit. Go check out the new CD from The Weakerthans in the meantime, it’s quite good!

UsedWigs Radio at PodCamp Philly!

Our boys Russ and Todd entertained the fine folks at PodCamp Philly this past weekend with a live art show. Check out these super fun videos by fellow poddy mouths:

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