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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 77: Chat with Pop Culture Scholar Colin Helb! Comic-Con, Reality TV, 3-D Flicks, Canned Beer and Philly Celebs!

Guest: Colin Helb

Topics: Joys of Canned Beer, Pop Culture, Reality TV, Old Guy Section at Rock Shows, Musicians’ Day Jobs, Comic-Con, Green Super Heroes, 3-D Movies, Jeff is Not a Fan of G. Love, Local Philly Celebrities, Crying During “Annie,” Michelob Ginger Wheat Detergent Beer.

Playlist: We Are Scientists, 1000000 A.D., Adam Franklin and The Bolts of Melody and Vertinsky Dogs.

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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 66: The Men’s Fall Fashion Spectacular!


Topics: Fall Fashion, Stupid J Crew Barn Jackets Revisited, Dungarees, Long Trail Beer, Overly-Coddled College Kids, Classic Childhood Meals, Beatles Reissues and Favorite TV Comedies of All Time!

Playlist: Mystery of Two, Blind Pilot, Anavan, Owen and The Traditionist.

Preview: “What color is your comforter?” and “Just make one new friend every day!!!”

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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 65: Interview with Colin Hay

Colin Hay on UsedWigs Radio!

Interview: Colin Hay

Topics: Back from Summer Vacay, Innis & Gunn Beer, Netflix: Mac to TV, Future of Album Cover Art?, Cracker Jack and Miracle Whip Stink, Classic Sports and Game Shows, Russ Introduces Food-based Shout Outs… Orange Marmalade!

Playlist: No Age, A Lull, Colin Hay, Daniel Johnston and The Very Best.

Preview: “Budweiser, it tastes like a beer burp.”

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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 59: File Sharing, Ween, Conan O’Brien, SXSW and Sci-Fi Philly!


Topics: Gene Ween, Pirate Bay File Sharing, Eating Humans, Conan & Late Night TV, SXSW, Music Festivals, That Dumb Journey Song, Al Pacino Stinks, Sci-Fi Philly!

Playlist: The Spinto Band, O Pioneers!!!, Fiction Family, Heartless Bastards and Dog Day.

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Artwork: White Rocket at Sci-Fi Philly by Todd Marrone.

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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 57: Comic Book Movies, Expensive Shows, Amateur Beer & Epic Sicknesses

Podcast 57

Topics: Philadelphia Podcasts Closures, Todd’s Amateur Beer, Expensive Ticket Prices, Mac & Cheese Contest, Food Network, Sad Guy Burrito Days, Epic Sicknesses, Comic Book Movies.

Playlist: Dartz, The SwimmersThe Get You, I’m From Barcelona, Mattowax.

Preview: “The beer?…it tastes like your basement.”

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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 56: World’s Shortest Holiday Spectacular!

World's Shortest Holiday Spectacular!

Guests: Jim Gladstone and SM Shrake. Topics: The Outsiders, Kegs and Party Balls, Scaring Orphans, Favorite Stuff of 2008, Philly Boy Roy, Emo Philips, The Pretenders, Records and 45s, Podcast-killing Technical Difficulties.  Playlist: Friendly Foes, Little Jackie, The Hush Now, The Futureheads and Cliff Hillis.

Preview: Third Rock from The Sun is my favorite show…”

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UsedWigs New Book: “Quality Workday Distractions”

“Hey Jeff, why a book?”

I’m pretty certain the Internet will blow up soon, and with that, millions upon million of nonsense-filled webpages and countless gigs of nut-punching videos will be lost forever. Sad, but it’s inevitable.

That’s why I gathered up some of my favorite musings from this website and put them in book form.

They shall be preserved for the future generation of belligerent, ferocious apes who will one day enslave all humans and rule the earth… and learn to read. In that exact order. So, that’s why this book is staring you in the face. It’s for the apes.

Bonus reason: If you ever wanted to take UsedWigs to the bathroom with you (many have inquired how), well, kids, here’s your chance. Added Bonus: Michele Melcher created the lovely cover design.

Price: $12

Buy Here:

(Still time to get before Christmas, order today!)

UsedWigs Radio Podcast 51 with Nicole Brewer and El Vez!

Guest: Nicole Brewer from CBS3 Philly! Interview: El Vez.

Topics: Dated Olympics Talk, Stormtrooper Eating Habits, “Beauty Contests,” Geekadelphia, New Facebook, Philly Accents, Russ’s Africa Trip, Small Audiences, Todd’s Hair Update, Cologne, Polyphasic Sleep.

Playlist: Bound Stems, Jukebox the Ghost, Spoonfork, El Vez, Johnny Foreigner.

Preview: Regarding Nicole Brewer’s “What’s Brewing” website, “You lucked out, what if your last name was Lipshitz?”

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Read: UsedWigs Video Interview Featured on CBS3 in Philly!

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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 50 – Part Two: A Fond Look Back at 50 Shows!

Topics: Russ Likes Sex and The City, SM Shrake, The Count Censored, Smartass Darth Vader, Going Acoustic and The Bon Jovi Effect, Night Ranger, RCRD LBL. Playlist: Ninja Gun, Sparky Dog.

Preview: “You may or may not know, but you can’t tell what a puppet is saying by reading its lips…”

Please Note: If you haven’t heard Part One yet, click here.

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