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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 82: Giving Thanks for Everything That Deserves Thanks! Best Music, TV and Web Distractions of 2010

Topics: The Pros and Cons of Parades, Best Music of 2010, The Soup, Zooey Deschanel is the Worst, Great TV of 2010, Beatles, Todd has Sick Voice, Conan Needs a Little Help, Community vs. Modern Family!, Andrew Bird Really Loves Whistling, Dumb Spitting Wrestlers, Good Comedians, Unemployed Sidekick, eMusic Blows, New Sherlock Holmes!

Preview: “Parades? Firetruck, firetruck, tank, karate class… alright, done.”

Playlist: Whole Sky Monitor, Paper Bird, Versus, Bad Plus

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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 71: UsedWigs Live Part II Announcement, Movie Talk and The Future of The Printed Book!

Topics: 2001 & 2010 Space Odyssey, Stupid New Year’s Resolutions, UsedWigs Live Part II, Movie Previews, Saturday Night Live’s Awful Movie History, The Mule Voice, The Mac Tablet, Future of The Printed Books, Go Team Conan!

Preview: “No one starts cocaine on January first…”

Playlist: Aloha, Starlight Mints, Dawn Landes, Drink Up Buttercup and Malcolm Middleton.

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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 69: Talking Music, Radio, Comedy and Wrestling with Guest Jon Solomon of WPRB

Guest: Jon Solomon of WPRB.

Topics: Jon Solomon’s Annual 24-Hour Holiday Radio Show, Reunited Bands (Good Ones), Tegan and Sara Love, Albert Brooks & Comedy Minus One, Old Comedy Records, Gallagher Too, Macho Man Randy Savage & Top-notch Wrestling Music, Professional Radio Voices, Remembering Jerry Fuchs, Horrible All Star Tributes.

Playlist: Tegan and Sara, White Rabbits, Kurt Vile, Obits and Maserati

Preview: “Have you ever been in a fight with another radio guy?” and “I like radio… and basketball… and watching Dr. Who.”

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