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Sufjan Stevens

UsedWigs Radio Podcast 82: Giving Thanks for Everything That Deserves Thanks! Best Music, TV and Web Distractions of 2010

Topics: The Pros and Cons of Parades, Best Music of 2010, The Soup, Zooey Deschanel is the Worst, Great TV of 2010, Beatles, Todd has Sick Voice, Conan Needs a Little Help, Community vs. Modern Family!, Andrew Bird Really Loves Whistling, Dumb Spitting Wrestlers, Good Comedians, Unemployed Sidekick, eMusic Blows, New Sherlock Holmes!

Preview: “Parades? Firetruck, firetruck, tank, karate class… alright, done.”

Playlist: Whole Sky Monitor, Paper Bird, Versus, Bad Plus

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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 79: Listener Appreciation Show with Brad Sukala, Back to School Issue, iTunes Ping, New Stephen King, Pop Country Radio, Oatmeal, Sufjan Stevens and ‘Our Bodies, Our Junk’

Topics: Listener: Brad! Back to School Fashions, Hot Oatmeal Action, iTunes Ping Review, iPhone Photographers, Growth Spurts, Thirst for New Music, Pop Country Radio Review, Chicago Transit Authority, Russ’s Dirtbag Mullet, Sax Solos Destroy Everything, Fishbone, The Dark Tower, Band from TV, Sufjan Stevens, Awesome Drummer Video.

Playlist: Wow & Flutter, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., The Budos Band, Gemini

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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 70: Holiday Special with Brian Seymour

Musical Guest: Brian Seymour

Topics: Shrake’s Mister Microphone, Jeff’s Made-Up Belgian History, Todd’s Perv Mustache, Brian’s Man Voice, Most Popular Holidays Albums, Top Songs of The Year, Billy Squier, Hall & Oates, Kings of Leon’s Very Bad Song, Chinese Music Fans, Feast of Seven Fishes, Ethnic Holiday Foods, Home Recording vs Studio Recording, Donut Thursday and Movie Talk!

Preview: “A girl in college said, ‘You should grow a mustache.’ The next day it was there.” – Kenjamin

Playlist: Dismemberment Plan, Sufjan Stevens, Brian Seymour, Centro-matic

Special In-Studio Guests! SM Shrake, Jandek Phil, Kenjamin Franklin and Crazy Aaron!

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