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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 58: Facebook Over-Sharing, Highest-Alcohol Beer Tasting & Evil Ticketmaster

Podcast 58

Topics: Sharing Too Much on Facebook, Sam Adams Utopias Tasting, “The Thing with Two Heads,” Ellipsis, Depressing Places, Todd’s Criminal Dentist, Shepard Fairey, Ticketmaster Boo! and Springsteen is corny.

Playlist: The Answering Machine, Bishop Allen, Boy in Static, Youth Group and Andrew Bird.

Preview: “We don’t bill ourselves as a beer and grammar podcast, but…”

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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 52: Frank Stella Interview and Peter Holmstrom (The Dandy Warhols) Interview

Interviews: Artist Frank Stella and Musician Peter Holmström (The Dandy Warhols). Topics: Proton Accelerators, Cuddle Parties, French Orgasms, Major MP3 Recorder Mishap, Understanding BBC Accents and Ladder Accidents. Playlist: Little Death, The Los Dos Bros, Fleet Foxes (Daytrotter session), The Standard and The Dandy Warhols.

Preview: “How do you instigate a cuddle party? Do you have to wait for everyone to get there or is everyone just laying there on the floor when you arrive…do you just jump in like it’s a pile of leaves?”

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