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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 53: Science, Tech and Photography Talk with Crazy Aaron

Guest: Crazy Aaron from Putty World. Topics: Teri Garr, New Putty Colors, Stereoscopic Photography, 3D Movies, New MacBooks, Android Phones, The Noid, Theremins, Tap Dancing, McCain’s Steve Martin Impression, Please Touch Museum, Yo Gabba Gabba. Visit: “Ultimate Washington Insider”Playlist: Stuyvesant, Tilly and the Wall, Fredrik, Dillinger Four and The Black Kids (Daytrotter Session).

Preview: Russ declares, “I like dances.”

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Russ Goes Mac! New Podcast Soon!

Dear loyal UsedWigs Radio listeners,

This posting is to apologize sincerely for the delay of Podcast 51, which you are no doubt highly anticipating since you know that CBS3’s Nicole Brewer and the fabulous El Vez are our guests! You know that it’s “in the can” and you’re probably wondering WHERE THE HELL IT IS. I have to take ownership of this one. It is my fault. Because my friends, I am a sinner. I have been sinning for over ten years now. And here is my confession.

For years, I tried valiantly to use a PC for advanced multimedia…fresh new computers would arrive on my doorstep and I would immediately have them in pieces on the floor, courageously breaking warranty stickers, jamming their bellies full of soundcards and other doodads… violating their PCI slots! Good lord! I’m shivering now just thinking about it.

Oh, the combinations of foreign software and hardware that I tried to make communicate! It was like brokering peace deals in the Middle East. The truces I managed to establish were tenuous at best, and often dissolved for no good reason in a flurry of error messages, missing drivers, and endless reboot cycles.

Many tried to intervene. Some, like Jeff, tried to talk sense to me and would walk away in disbelief and disappointment when I just couldn’t/wouldn’t see the light. Others, like Todd, used peer pressure and ridicule. How could I call myself a serious multimedia producer if I was using a PC?

Couldn’t those thankless hours (years) of my life spent with tech support asking me the same questions over and over, walking me through their scripts, sounding like they were talking to me from inside the wreck of the Titanic…couldn’t they have been spent doing something more productive?

Like any addict, I defended something that was doing me harm and had no intrinsic value in my life. Like a rebellious teenage girl, I wanted to hang out with PCs just because my family and friends knew I could do better. Perhaps that was my problem. I needed to “rescue”… I needed to “fix”…

As I write this, the tears are streaming down my face. I see now how self destructive it was! Dear friends… I … I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT!!!!

I am ready for something that just WORKS, dammit. I’m tired, PC. I’m burnt. You’re just no good for me.

The new Used Wigs Radio tricked out Mac will be arriving shortly. We will then commence kicking more aural buttocks. Thank you for your patience.


Brother Russ

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