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On Vacation! Back Next Week, Until Then…


Todd is chatting with Colin Hay tonight!

Need a fix? Enjoy some of these popular past ‘casts  featuring some super-duper human beings:

UsedWigs Radio Podcast 47: Langhorne Slim Interview

Photo by: Doug Seymour

Guests: Langhorne Slim and a Man Who Admits to Going on a John Mayer Cruise. Topics: Great Websites for Wasting Time (see list below), Competitive Eating, Golf is Not a Sport, Willard Scott Rules, Stupid Hipster Parents, LARPing. Playlist: Canadians, Tapes ‘n Tapes (Daytrotter Session), Annuals, Langhorne Slim, The Quarter After.

Preview: Langhorne Slim to Todd: “You’re complimenting me, yet, I’m offended.”

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