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UsedWigs Radio 100: Team Todd


This is officially UsedWigs Radio Show #100 and officially our last show (tidal wave of tears). It was a super fun ride, thank you all for having us.

I want to thank everyone who participated, helped out and attended this Team Todd event. It was a really wonderful night, one that Todd would have loved.

Big hugs to the performers: Russ Starke, Heather Hall, Kimberly Hall, Dave Hill, Chip Chantry, Nikki WalterBrian Seymour, Rich Kaufmann, Scott Michael Shrake, Anna Goldfarb, Jon Solomon, Kevin Ginsberg, Brad Sukala, Lisa Starke and Bevan McShea for bringing all the laughs, stories and tunes. The tiny flabby muscles in my stomach are still hurting from laughing.

And big high-fives to Kell Andrews, Heather Andrews, Thomas Jadico Jr, C.j. Stahl, Brian Jacobs, Eric Smith, Colin Helb, Dan Eastman, Adam Picarelli, Kerri Foxhill, Geekadelphia and Cutesy but not Cutesy for the support. And big sweaty hugs to everyone else who was there and made it super fun. It meant a lot to Russ and Heather and me to have you all there! 

Alright, enough yapping, here’s the audio, videos coming soon!

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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 85: Guests Dave Hill and Nikki Walter

Photos courtesy of Kevin Ginsberg

UsedWigs Radio welcomed guests Dave Hill and Nikki Walter to the June 26th show and boy oh boy, it was a lot of fun! Thanks to Dave and Nikki for bringing their magic to our microphones and thanks to all the handsome folks who came out and laughed and applauded when we asked you to. This was the first live recording at our new home, L’etage, so please excuse the less than crystal clear audio and the atrocious sniffling by one of the disgusting hosts! Both will be remedied by next show. Enjoy!

Topics: Creating a TV Pilot, Dining with Moby, Fan Fiction, Antagonizing Celebs via Twitter, The Pressure of WitStream, Singing Cat Food Commercials, Lucy Lawless, Mexican Wedding Videos, Sister Act II, Movie Roles, Fashion, Books and More!

Playlist: “All of My Lovin'” by Valley Lodge, “Storm form The Kastle” by DiamondSnake, “Every Little Thing'” by Valley Lodge.

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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 78: Keeping Twitter Fun and Informative, Tweeting Comedians, iPad Flipboard, Scott Pilgrim, Expensive Guitars and The Worst Song in The World

Photo: Todd spills beer. Awaits the wrath of Russ.

Topics: Keeping Twitter Fun & Informative, Tweeting Comedians, Bad College Beer, iPad Flipboard Review, Todd Defends Foursquare and Gowalla, Russ Defends DJ Music, Jeff Reviews Scott Pilgrim, Arcade Fire Hype, Comedy Central Roasts, Viggo Mortensen, Frank Zappa, Poop Book, Thin Magazines and Cool Yeasayer Video and The Worst Song in The World (Hi, Train!).

Preview: “C’mon Todd, the band X! John Doe, Exene Cervenka, Billy Zoom??” “As far as I know you are making this band up.”

Playlist: Javelin, Bottomless Pit and The Young Veins

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Video: Watch Todd spill a beer and Russ clean it up! (24:39)

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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 73: Interview with Julia Brown, UsedWigs Live Recap, Little People + Cake, and Lots of Quality Music Chatter

Interview: Julia Brown

Topics: UsedWigs Live Recap, Little People and Cake Shows, Bands You Love That No One Else Does, Music That Makes You Weepy, Rick Wakeman on Ice, Chuck Treece, Great Rock Front Men, Fruit Bats and Shins, Making Babies, Russ and Marcus Bagby (new UWR correspondent!) interview Julia Brown.

Playlist: Jeremy Porter, Leatherface, Roky Erickson with Okkervil River, Julia Brown, The Shins.

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UsedWigs Live at World Cafe Live on March 19th with Dave Hill and Audible!

Update! Tickets now available! Only $7. (Get them now before the scalpers take them all.)

UsedWigs Live at Upstairs at World Cafe Live! Save this date, caress this date, love this date:

Friday, March 19th

  • Music: Audible
    Philly’s Audible delivers top-notch pop goodness, layered guy/girl harmonies and chiming guitars with just the right amount of grit and sun-soaked majesty. Get a Taste!
  • Comedy: Dave Hill
    Simply put, Dave Hill is a perpetual volcanic eruption of entertainment — comedy, music, Twitter — his fiery flow cannot be contained. He’s also “Big in Japan”.
  • Emcee: Nicole Brewer
    The enchanting and diligent digital journalist for Eyewitness News on CBS3 and the CWPhilly, Nicole Brewer, will keep everyone in line and the show running smoothly!

Plus the UsedWigs Emergency Response Team:

  • Hosted by: Todd, Russ and Jeff
  • Performances by: SM Shrake and Crazy Aaron
  • Video by: After School Specialists

Comedy, music, prizes and danger guaranteed.


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View: UsedWigs Live Summer Spectacular 2009 Recap

UsedWigs Radio Podcast 72: Winter Olympics, We Are The World II, Iron Maiden Airplane, Man Babies, Dave Hill, Audible and The Mystery of McDonald’s Grimace

Topics: Winter Olympics, We Are The World Part II: Who Is 2010’s Dan Aykroyd?, Lionel Richie’s Giant Hand, Olympic Sex & Giant Bag of Olympic Condoms, Discontinued Dumb Olympic Sports, Bad Mascots, McDonald’s Grimace and Man Babies

Playlist: The Soft Pack, Magnetic Fields, Half Acre Day, The Holy Mess and Rocky Votolato

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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 61: Interview with Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons! Plus In-Studio Guest Dave Walk of Comic vs. Audience


Interview: Greg Fitzsimmons. Guest: Dave Walk of Comic vs. Audience. Topics: Duggars, Comedians Going Crazy on Twitter, Harry Kalas, Beer Label Readability, Comedy Albums, Stand-Up Comedians in Movies, Todd Quits Beer Making, Kevin Allison, God-awful Pop Country Music.

Playlist: Art Brut, Superchunk, Shout Magic, The Flying Change and Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele (Daytrotter Session).

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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 53: Science, Tech and Photography Talk with Crazy Aaron

Guest: Crazy Aaron from Putty World. Topics: Teri Garr, New Putty Colors, Stereoscopic Photography, 3D Movies, New MacBooks, Android Phones, The Noid, Theremins, Tap Dancing, McCain’s Steve Martin Impression, Please Touch Museum, Yo Gabba Gabba. Visit: “Ultimate Washington Insider”Playlist: Stuyvesant, Tilly and the Wall, Fredrik, Dillinger Four and The Black Kids (Daytrotter Session).

Preview: Russ declares, “I like dances.”

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