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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 82: Giving Thanks for Everything That Deserves Thanks! Best Music, TV and Web Distractions of 2010

Topics: The Pros and Cons of Parades, Best Music of 2010, The Soup, Zooey Deschanel is the Worst, Great TV of 2010, Beatles, Todd has Sick Voice, Conan Needs a Little Help, Community vs. Modern Family!, Andrew Bird Really Loves Whistling, Dumb Spitting Wrestlers, Good Comedians, Unemployed Sidekick, eMusic Blows, New Sherlock Holmes!

Preview: “Parades? Firetruck, firetruck, tank, karate class… alright, done.”

Playlist: Whole Sky Monitor, Paper Bird, Versus, Bad Plus

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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 74: New Babies, New Studio, New Format and Lots of TV Talk

Topics: New Babies, New Studio, New Format, Entertainment Consumption, TV Talk, Guest Stars Ruin Everything, Avoiding Facebook Friend Requests, Daytrotter Downloads, Axe Cop and Video Self Defense Training.

Preview: “While most shows are working to polish, we are tarnishing.”

Playlist: Tre Orsi, Blue Giant, Double Dagger, Javelin

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UsedWigs Radio Podcast 69: Talking Music, Radio, Comedy and Wrestling with Guest Jon Solomon of WPRB

Guest: Jon Solomon of WPRB.

Topics: Jon Solomon’s Annual 24-Hour Holiday Radio Show, Reunited Bands (Good Ones), Tegan and Sara Love, Albert Brooks & Comedy Minus One, Old Comedy Records, Gallagher Too, Macho Man Randy Savage & Top-notch Wrestling Music, Professional Radio Voices, Remembering Jerry Fuchs, Horrible All Star Tributes.

Playlist: Tegan and Sara, White Rabbits, Kurt Vile, Obits and Maserati

Preview: “Have you ever been in a fight with another radio guy?” and “I like radio… and basketball… and watching Dr. Who.”

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