You ready to rock? Not a lot of rockin’, just a bit. (It’s a weeknight for goodness sake!) Still, you deserve an early night out with comedy and music and crepes and sexy furniture. Join us this Tuesday at a Special Earlier Time: 7:00pm. (There’s a children’s puppet show at 9:00pm, we need time to clean up after our confetti canon.)

We’re very excited to have these fine folks join us!

Rachel Bensen is an up-and-coming standup comedian based in Philadelphia. She enjoys puns, fried food, and webcomics. Rachel performs wherever people will let her near a microphone – most recently, that’s included Philly Improv Theater, Tabu, World Cafe Live, and Helium Comedy Club. She tweets irreverently and irregularly at @rachelbensen.

The Phoenix Veil is the acoustic project of Bevan McShea, an artist, musician, and poet from Philadelphia. Bevan has collaborated musically on many projects spanning many styles and genres, the most notable being the hip hop and spoken word personae Lightborn. Bevan’s latest release is The Blood of August featuring Peter Cortner (Dag Nasty, The Gerunds) and Chuck Treece (McRad, Bad Brains, Underdog).

Let’s Do This!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 – 7:00pm (Please note, one hour earlier!)
624 South 6th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Admission: FREE!

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