Our UsedWigs Holiday Shows are always super fun! We’ll have gifts, awesome guests and lots of (snow)ball busting! Plus, you can eat holiday crepes filled with roasted chestnuts or snow or tinsel or any other fillings you want, we don’t judge you on what you eat at our shows. Unless it’s reindeer, that is awful and you should feel really ashamed for even asking the waiter about it. Anyway, get over your shame and come to this show or we’ll send Jack Frost (pictured above) to come nip at your nose. (He has hidden tiger teeth!) I mentioned guests, and boy oh boy, we are super pumped to have two lovely ladies join us to spread some holiday cheer!

Anna Goldfarb is a Philadelphia-based author, humorist, and screenwriter. She loves short guys. Like, she really loves them. It’s kinda weird. She writes about bonerkillers on Shmitten Kitten and you can follow her on Twitter at @ShmittenKitten.
Molly Davis is a very funny and popular Twitter personality and more importantly she hates her upstairs neighbor and hummus. Don’t bring either to the show! Check in with Molly on Twitter at @Molly_Kats

Let’s Do This!!

UsedWigs Holiday Podcast Recording Session

Tuesday, December 20, 2011 – 8:00pm
624 South 6th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Admission: FREE!