Photos courtesy of Kevin Ginsberg

UsedWigs Radio welcomed guests Dave Hill and Nikki Walter to the June 26th show and boy oh boy, it was a lot of fun! Thanks to Dave and Nikki for bringing their magic to our microphones and thanks to all the handsome folks who came out and laughed and applauded when we asked you to. This was the first live recording at our new home, L’etage, so please excuse the less than crystal clear audio and the atrocious sniffling by one of the disgusting hosts! Both will be remedied by next show. Enjoy!

Topics: Creating a TV Pilot, Dining with Moby, Fan Fiction, Antagonizing Celebs via Twitter, The Pressure of WitStream, Singing Cat Food Commercials, Lucy Lawless, Mexican Wedding Videos, Sister Act II, Movie Roles, Fashion, Books and More!

Playlist: “All of My Lovin'” by Valley Lodge, “Storm form The Kastle” by DiamondSnake, “Every Little Thing'” by Valley Lodge.

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