Where has America’s twelfth favorite pop culture podcast gone? Rumors are spreading like wildfire in the AOL and CompuServe chat rooms:

  • Did Todd’s full body electrolysis go horribly wrong leaving him a 100% hairless and afraid to leave his bedroom?
  • Did Russ accept the touring bass player position for Asia (featuring no original members)?
  • Did Jeff finally launch his long-awaited “Glue Gunnin’ for Guys” column on Scotland’s premiere scrapbooking website?

While we cannot confirm any of these true rumors we can confirm the boys will be on hiatus for a bit and will return to action May 15, 2011!

Upon triumphant return, the show will be broadcast live from one of your favorite Philly drinking establishments twice a month. You can come join in the fun or continue to download the podcasts. More details to come!

Until then enjoy some of our old gems and interviews, we’ll be posting them weekly until our new show debuts. Here are couple of winners sure to please you:

New to UsedWigs Radio? Here’s a little video to give you an idea of what we’re about:

Russ Loves Spreadsheets on Vimeo.

And here’s the music we play.

See you soon, thanks for the support. Follow us here for latest updates: @usedwigs.

Hugs, Jeff