UsedWigs Radio Podcast 18

Guest: Greg Hoy of Happy Cog. Topic: Web design, tech, cool sites and nonsense. Intro: Doves. Playlist: Channels, Beck, Mock Orange, +/- {Plus/Minus }, Elefant. Background Tunes: Ozric Tentacles, Jaco Pastorius, Danny Gatton, Guadalcanal Diary, Sons Of Armageddon, Pullman. Outro: The Futureheads.

My Odeo Channel (odeo/3b293167835e4b7e)

4 Responses to UsedWigs Radio Podcast 18

  1. Raw Bacon says:

    Hey y’all,
    Just wanted to let you know that since the first time Russ mentioned your podcast to me I’ve slightly enjoyed your antics. When I come home from work, it’s USEDWIGS PODCAST NUMBER ? on my iTunes… It’s a pleasure hanging out with you guys. So relaxing….. And I only included my myspace page so Russ can go and ridicule my ‘artistry.’
    Nice call on the Mock Orange too. (I always assumed it would be Mach Orange until I saw it written down.) Check out Criteria and The White Octave.

  2. […] UsedWigs Radio Podcast 18 ´ USEDWIGS RADIO […]

  3. Hidroplasto says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about meta_keyword. Regards|

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